About Louisa


Louisa Gaylord believes in expanding horizons and learning – anything that broadens our minds beyond the here and now, allowing us to learn from the past and innovate for the future.

She is particularly interested in the durability of a community: city planning and green buildings, creating new objects from old trash, history of the Pacific Northwest, and ways that natural design leads by example. She is curious about new scientific breakthroughs and how technology will shape the future of marketing and communication. Louisa believes that music, art and culture are equally necessary and inspiring, especially on a local community level.

Louisa has published articles with many reputable sources, including Sustainable Business Oregon, Oregon Insider, Crosscut.com, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, and green engineering newsletter Sustainability Matters. She has assisted the capital campaign  at KEXP 90.3 FM, a nonprofit radio station in Seattle, as well as represented the organization at local music events.

Louisa has BA in English and Journalism from Clark University, a Technical Writing certification from Bellevue College, and currently works as the Development Communications Coordinator at The Museum of Flight in Seattle. You can learn more on her LinkedIn profile.


2 Responses to About Louisa

  1. Henry Sheldon says:

    I’m a retired United pilot and I read the article re N7001U with interest.
    I also wonder if you are descended from the Oklahoma Gaylords? My mother was a Gaylord. Her father was Winfred Gaylord, and he grew up with E.K. Gaylord in Kansas and later moved to Massachusetts.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Henry Sheldon

    • lgaylord says:

      Hi Henry,

      Thanks for reaching out! I’m also really excited for the 727 final flight. I’ve been writing lots of member emails and website copy for the event at The Museum of Flight, and it’s amazing the interest and support we’ve received!

      My grandfather was Henry Gaylord, a pilot instructor at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. My dad was born there, but grew up in Connecticut when they moved. I know there’s lots of cousins in New England, but I’m not sure if they’re distantly related to the Gaylords in Oklahoma.

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