One Flag, Two Flag, Green Flag, Blue Flag

Superbowl XLVIII is a little more than a week away, Seattle has officially succumbed to Seahawks fever. It has been quietly simmering away just under the surface of society since the beginning of the season 5 months ago. But after winning over 80% of their regular season games, enthusiasm for the Seattle Seahawks has finally boiled over. The Seahawks as a part of the Superbowl is a relatively new idea that people have to get used to (they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2005), but it’s not like fans haven’t had faith all along – CenturyLink Field has consecutively sold out for the past decade, and the waiting list for tickets has 10,000 names on it.

So who has the display of ultimate Seahawks fandom? Who is the #1 12th man? Here is a handy guide to seriously kick-starting your Seahawks Superbowl spirit, as well as examples of some of the local businesses and organizations with the most eye-catching team spirit.

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