A Full Season of Sandwiches

The second installment of sandwiches contained secrets like how to make perfectly fluffy chickpea and herb falafels, and how to make a 100% vegetarian meatball sub that is so good your Italian friend asks for the recipe. And lots of fresh and grilled vegetables from around the Mediterranean resulted in some excellent summertime dinners. Although the “Summer of Sandwiches” extended through Fall, many of these recipes will reappear at the table in the future. Includes links to recipes and notes about how to make them vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Part 3 of 3 features 11 sandwiches from Argentina, Trinidad, and across Mexico and the United States.

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20. Argentina: Choripan – spicy soy chorizo sausage with homemade chimichurri sauce on a hoagie roll (get the recipe here). Use Field Roast chipotle sausages or Trader Joe’s soy chorizo instead of meat, and make sure your bread is vegan to ensure this recipe is 100% plant-based! These are so easy, you can rock up to any summertime BBQ with a pack of chipotle Field Roast and a jar of chimichurri sauce.

21. Trinidad: Doubles – rounds of homemade turmeric and cumin dough with curried chickpea and onion filling (get the recipe here). The dough was pretty sticky so I couldn’t get the rounds flat enough before cooking them, but I will keep practicing because they are delicious. Also this sandwich is already completely vegan.

Choripan from Argentina (left), and Trinidad doubles (right)

22. Mexico: Pambazo – diced potatoes cooked with soy chorizo, lettuce, and cotija cheese on a roll brushed with with Guajillo salsa (get the recipe here). Very messy and spicy but delicious, and the potato soyrizo hash makes excellent leftovers for breakfast tacos or scrambles. Make the sandwich vegan by leaving out the cotija.

23. Mexico: Torta – refried beans, avocado, pickled red onion, cabbage, lime, radishes, and sriracha aioli on a toasted roll (get the recipe here). This recipe is already vegan so no need to make any adjustments! I recommend heating up the beans before assembling the sandwich.

Pambazo (left), and torta (right) from Mexico

24. Mexico: Cemita – crispy battered mushrooms with avocado, red onion, chipotle aioli, arugula, and cotija on a brioche bun (get the recipe here). Of course if you can find cemita buns at a local bakery, definitely use those instead. The recipe is vegan, although I made some changes based on what’s in my fridge so my version is only vegetarian.

25. USA: Grilled cheese – 2 kinds of melted cheese and herbed caramelized onions on sourdough, toasted with rosemary butter (get the recipe here). If you have a favorite type of plant-based cheese that melts well, this sandwich can be made vegan – just replace the butter in the pan and mayo on the outside of the bread with olive oil or vegan margarine.

Cemita from Mexico (left), and grilled cheese from the US (right)

26. USA: French dipsliced portobellos, caramelized onions, and melted cheese on a baguette toasted with shallot herb spread, and a savory mushroom broth for dipping (get the recipe here). From Seattle vegetarian restaurant Café Flora‘s cookbook. Make it vegan by substituting the butter used in the herb spread, and leaving out the cheese. Use Better Than Bouillon mushroom base if you don’t have time to simmer the broth.

French dip sandwich from the US

27. USA: Po’boy – roasted asparagus and blackened sweet potatoes with tomatoes, lettuce, and homemade Creole remoulade on French bread (get the recipe here). This vegan sandwich is a lot of work but it’s definitely worth it to make your own spice blend and sauce! From Bryant Terry’s vegan cookbook Vegetable Kingdom.

28. USA: BBQ pulled “pork” sandwich – mushrooms simmered in homemade BBQ sauce, served on a toasted roll with smoked jalapeno coleslaw (get the recipe here). I did not make the honey butter or the pepper jam that was recommended, because sometimes you just have to cut corners when the recipe already takes 2+ hours. This vegan recipe is from Zach Neil’s cookbook The Nightmare Before Dinner.

Po’boy (left), and pulled “pork” sandwich (right)

29. USA: Peanut butter & jelly – chunky peanut butter, blackberry jelly, and dried cranberries grilled on sourdough bread (get the recipe here). You can add any fresh or dried fruit, or replace the jelly with sliced bananas and a sprinkle of cinnamon – the varieties are endless. Substitute the butter used for pan grilling with cooking oil to make it vegan.

30. USA: Breakfast sandwich – scrambled eggs, spicy veggie sausage patties, guacamole, and garlic tomato sauce on a croissant (get the recipe here). I used veggie bacon make this sandwich vegetarian, and you can make it vegan by using a plant-based egg substitute, vegan bread instead of a buttery croissant, and exchanging the tomato sauce for this Magic Green Sauce from the same blogger.

Peanut butter & jelly (left), and breakfast sandwich (right)

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