January: Thai Curry

Living in Seattle has allowed me to become exposed to a lot of amazing Thai food. Although I’ve tried cooking some before, with mixed reviews, this curry seemed fairly foolproof because of how few ingredients it requires. I always love a recipe that calls for “whatever you happen to have in your fridge.” It might not end up with the most authentically Thai ingredients, but I’m guaranteed to like it!


This recipe is a bonus because doesn’t come from a cookbook, and can be made with whatever you happen to have on hand at the moment. Like many new recipes that come my way, this one was passed along from my mom. I’m very lucky that the kitchen in our house was an interactive place growing up, and food prep tasks were assigned to me as I could handle them. By the time I was living on my own, I had enough basic kitchen skills to be able to feed myself relatively well, and to know what a balanced meal looks like. So shout out to my mom – who is probably reading this right now – for teaching me the kitchen basics, as well the fact that vegetables just taste better when cut diagonally!

“Friends for a meal are easy to find, friends until the end of time are difficult to find.” – Thai proverb


You will need two ingredients for this spicy curry: a can of unsweetened coconut milk and a jar of Thai green curry paste. These are nonperishable, so you can keep them on-hand in your pantry or cupboard until you need to whip something up fast. In traditional Thai cuisine, red curries have a spicier flavor, while green and yellow curries tend to be milder. I am a self-confessed “spice wimp” so I appreciate that you can adjust the level of spiciness to your liking by adding more curry paste – just be sure to taste as you go! I made this mistake and had to add more coconut milk to balance out the spiciness.


Mix in one or two tablespoons of curry paste into the coconut milk in a large pot (I started with one can of milk, but you may need more depending on how many people you’re cooking for). You can add in any other ingredients you want; I chose potatoes, carrots, onion, peas and tofu. The most important part is knowing how long everything takes to cook so that it’s all done at the same time. Carrots and potatoes take longer, while the tofu was cooked separately and added at the very end. You can serve it on its own or over rice. If there are leftovers, the coconut milk and oil in the curry paste will separate when chilled in the fridge – make sure to reheat and stir it up before serving again.

One thought on “January: Thai Curry

  1. One of our favorite traditions was (and will be again next year!) homemade curry and Game of Thrones on Sunday nights 🙂

    One time we made the curry paste from scratch; it’s not too difficult and had a decent flavor payoff, but for a quick meal the premade paste is fine.

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