February: Sichuan Slaw

I found this salad on a list of 101 salads in the New York Times. It’s light, crunchy and easy to make – the perfect addition to any Asian-inspired meal. You can even store leftovers for a day or two afterwards because the bean sprouts, carrots and celery won’t get soggy and wilted when left in the dressing.


Recipe: Sichuan Slaw, #6 on the list of “101 Simple Salads for the Season”

Source: New York Times, July 2009

Get the recipe here!


Modifications, Testing and Recommendations: The recipe is fairly loose, with only ingredients listed (not amounts), so you can experiment with the ratios until they are to your liking. For the dressing, I used 2 parts soy sauce, one part sesame oil and a half-part of sugar. I would definitely recommend using all the toppings listed: mint, cilantro, basil and chopped peanuts. I used a serrano chili for the “fresh chili” that the recipe called for.

I served the salad with coconut shrimp curry (get the recipe here) but it would easily work with any Asian-inspired cuisine like stir fry, fried rice, curry or pad thai, or you could add a protein like shrimp or chicken breast to make it a meal on its own.


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