June: Spring Soba Salad

This gorgeous soba noodle salad from Rachael Ray has tons of crisp vegetables and a light ponzu dressing, and is a great addition to any summer picnic or cookout! The recipe is very simple to follow, and easy to customize by adding your favorite protein.


Recipe: Spring Soba Salad

Source: Rachael Ray Magazine, July 2017

Get the recipe here!


Modifications, Testing and Recommendations: Ponzu sauce is like a citrus soy sauce, and can be found in most large grocery stores with the other Asian specialty foods. The brand I used is vegan, but make sure to double check the ingredients if you care about that since this is the only ingredient in the recipe that might not be entirely vegan.

Cooking the buckwheat soba noodles were the trickiest part of the recipe, but it all depends on what brand you get – just follow the directions on the back. It will probably involve boiling hot water, then adding cold water and stirring as it boils over, but at the end of the day it’s just cooking noodles in a pot. I didn’t find fresh edamame so I used frozen peas.



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