April: Cherry Almond-Amaretto Bars

These cherry almond-amaretto bars are ridiculously good and easy to make. The amaretto gives the cherries a little kick (but nothing too strong). Experiment with different flavor combinations of fresh and dried fruit, zest and nuts to create a snack that’s perfect for you!


Recipe: Cherry Almond-Amaretto Bars

Source: Allrecipes Magazine, November/December 2018

Get the recipe here!


Modifications, Testing and Recommendations: This recipe can also be made with cranberries instead of cherries for an autumn twist, depending on what’s in season and available. If you are using cranberries, made sure to use a glass or other non-reactive dish to prevent it reacting with the acidity of the cranberries.  I used frozen whole cherries (which I should have chopped) and strained out most of the juice before adding them into the flour and sugar.

These bars are great as portable snacks; I made a batch of them to take up skiing the next day for a surprise spring snow day. They are perfect to wrap up and tuck away in a jacket pocket somewhere until you’re sitting on a chairlift and ready for a quick bite. And I’m sure they’re also great with ice cream, just like the recipe says!



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