May: Green Goddess Dressing

I needed a quick salad dressing to bring to a dinner party, so I borrowed the dressing that was included in an Edible Seattle recipe for Green Goddess bowls. First published in the New York Times in 1948, the cool, creamy dressing is green because of all the blended herbs that give it a distinctively fresh flavor.


Recipe: Green Goddess Bowl

Source: Edible Seattle, May/June 2018

Get the recipe here!


Modifications, Testing and Recommendations: Green goddess dressing is typically made with mayonnaise, although I was able to substitute thick yogurt instead and not alter the dressing’s consistency. When you blend everything in the food processor, pulse the blade to prevent the herbs from fully liquefying – you’ll want the mixture to stay relatively thick so that when the yogurt is added, the dressing doesn’t become too runny.

I made the green goddess dressing to be served with a romaine salad with carrots, cucumber and green Anjour pears (Bartlett pears are too sweet). The dressing can also be delicious as a dip or sandwich spread, or if you need a creamy dill and lemon dressing to serve with fish.



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